Annual Activity 2010-2011

Annual Activity 2010-2011
  • We have started English medium school for rural student without taking any fees or minimum fees upto secondary Lvl. for our school we have got government permission.
  • For the student belonging SC/ST/OBC and BPL community we are giving free standard English Medium education. since from 2006.
  • In this we are also giving computer training to students & part time computer training to rural unemployed youth so that they can aware computer knowledge. (no.of beneficiary =256 nos)
  • In week end days we are giving adult education for promotion of literacy. (no. of benificarys=115 nos)
  • People have always tried to find to relief from pain. Discover a care for diseases and thereby live a long & healthy life.
  • The organization has been according giving top priority for health service.
  • Our rural area is hilly area where medical facility is not sufficient. Therefore we have organized various health care programmed.
  • eg:- Free health check up – in this we check blood sugar, hemoglobin, urine check up. (no. of beneficarys= 165 nos.)
  • Free cat rack eye operation with the help of renowned Pune base hospital by taking poor patient to Pune hospital for cat rack operation & providing free sun glasses.(no.of beneficarys=22 nos)
  • In this financial year the organization has started leveling & developing play ground for better health of rural people.
  • Free blood donation camp.(no.of benificary=50 nos)
  • Youth contributions towards prevention of HIV/AIDs & drug addiction seminar meeting (no. of benificary= 70 nos)
  • Massage of all important National leaders on eve of Birth Ann. of those leaders.
  • Conducted get-to-gether prog. for celebrating all religions festival.
In this year we have conducted tree plantation programme and street play in around nearby school/college. To create the public awareness regarding to protect and conserve the ecology and biodiversity of the area by conducting street play. (No. of beneficiary=300 nos)
  • In this prog. along with the help of central govt. we have conducted 6 week food processing prog.
  • In this we have given guidance to Local farmer/youth /women to start small scale unit.
  • (No. of particepent=33nos out of that 14 nos started their small scale unit.)
Under the Navjeevan Federation we have started giving training & Guidance to SHG’s group under which more than 800 women gating benefited .
AME SOC. Brought govt. fund for construction of tar road in village KUDAL. DIST.- SATARA .