About Us

Akhil Maharashtra Education Society was establish in 2005 and to promote peoples aspirations and potentially and settle the poor and the down trodden. We have to develop and improve the qualititative for the Development programs for rural areas. The programs and activities are launched to make the people self-reliant and attain the social status.

The broad objectives are Education, health, rural development, Agriculture & food processing, cultural, women empowerment. and income generating programs. under women SHGs federation. The organization is also giving more emphasis to the youth development programs.

Objective of the proposed object

  • To provide good environment, infrastructure & facility to rural student.
  • To make skilled through providing them vocational training and building their confidence.
  • To improve their skill and technical knowledge and raise efficiency.
  • To associate poor rural people with main stream life by motivating them through education to achieves better quality of life through income.
  • To guide the ladies saving group by training & sustainable income generation & provide them loan facility for small scale old age homes.
  • Provide hostel facility to working woman and poor needy children.

Our aims

Our aims is to fill up the lacunae in rural poverty elimination by employing technology required for Satara district of Maharashtra with an integrated approach identified & implemented with active community precipitation capacity building of community it seeds technology solutions in areas agriculture rural energy information communication appropriate policy framework at level of Government, NGOs, Corporate, Bilateral & multilateral.

For. Ex :- Making carrier in sport field, youth leadership training programs etc.
The organization has also proposed to setup by constructing training centre for training of SHGs & Kaikadi/Katkari & unemployed youth & rural people to improve their living livehood.

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